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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Name: Saj te Gyuhyall

Age: 24

Gender: Female (duh)

Vague Location: Somewhere in the Southern Boondocks, surrounded by rednecks as far as the eye can see.


Favorite authors: Note, this is a MUCH abbreviated list, you’d be here all day if I listed all of my favs.

1) Mercedes Lackey (An omnibus copy of the Arrows Trilogy was the first serious fantasy novel I ever picked up… I think I was 12.)

2) Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files are awesome. Seriously, if you like fantasy novels and/or urban fantasy you CANNOT miss these books. And if you put on your slash goggles, it’s REALLY easy to see Harry and ‘Gentleman’ Johnny Marcone together. *ducks as the nonslashers lob bombs at her*)

3) Peter David (His New Frontier Series is a must read for any Star trek fan. Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, M’k’n’zy of Calhoun really, is awesome and his crew is like one big highly dysfunctional family. I love each and every one of them, and there isn’t enough fanfiction for the series.)

4) Kate Griffin (We be light, we be life, we be fire! We sing electric flame, we rumble underground wind, we dance heaven! Come be we and be free! We be blue electric angels. Awesome intro, huh? If you like fresh new looks on urban magic this is the series for you. The first book is A Madness of Angels and should really be better known then it is.)

5) Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson is so kickass)

6) Dean Koontz (By the Light of the Moon is my favorite of his, and I still like most of his stuff, even though the last few were kind of a disappointment)

7) Laurell K. Hamilton (Yes, I still like her despite her stance on fanfiction, and the fact that several of her books are basically just one long continuous sex scene… For those of you that dropped her around Mistral’s Kiss and Incubus Dreams, she’s gotten better about it, really! She’s gone back to having actual plots!!!)

8) Michelle Sagara (Her Elantra series is really very good, even if you occasionally want to slap Kaylin, her main character, for all her pigheaded stupidity)

9) Patrick Rothfuss (I was really bored a couple summers ago and picked up a hardcover edition of The Name of the Wind at a flea market and thought ‘Oh, this looks kinda interesting… Aught to keep me busy a while…’. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Literally, I fell asleep reading it. it was WONDERFUL. I finished the whole thing in like five DAYS, all 662 pages of it. Then I read it again. And again. Rinse and repeat. I just read it AGAIN about two weeks ago. His next book just came out and as soon as the price comes down a bit it is MINE. *pets her copy of the first book*)

10) Janet Evanovich ( I just want to clarify, I generally HATE anything labeled romance or romantic-anything, since most WAY over does it with the whole ‘Pools of moonlight were her eyes’ bull. They’re vapid and pointless and have me yelling at the characters three pages in. That said, this author is the one of the exceptions. Stephanie Plum ROCKS even though she really hilariously sucks at her job… Girls’ a bounty hunter for cryin’ out loud, really now, learn to shoot and pick locks. I wish they’d do a movie, or a TV series… Her last book featured HobbitCON and organized crime, who wouldn’t find that fascinating?)


Fanfiction Stuff

Basic Likes;

1. Slash and het (I don’t discriminate, I’ll read it all as long as it’s good).

2. Almost anything well written.

3. Mpreg (It needs to have a decent explanation, and MUST be well written).

4. Novel length fics.

5. Novel length sequels (= 3)

6. Rare pairings (SOME!)

7. Rare fandoms (again, SOME!)

8. fics with fanart (usually, if it has art it’s REALLY good)

9. Angst, hurt/comfort (as long as it’s not too teeth rottingly fuzzy), and drama. C’mon people, bring on the tragic pasts’, horrific childhoods, gut wrenchingly sad stuff… I read these mainly because I love to see the characters rise up above and beyond all the bad stuff to a new and brighter future.

10. CROSSOVERS!!!! These are my absolute favorites, and one of the more elusive types of good fic out there. The well written crossover, where no one of the fandoms mixing over powers the other, where all the characters are portrayed well, none slipping too far into OC land, and where the author doesn’t use the characters from the other fandom to kill/maim/or totally replace the characters he or she hates.

11. Believable OOCness. I don’t mind if there were events before the fic that alter how the character acts versus cannon, or if events during the fic change how the person acts. That’s the way people really work. We change, we grow. But please, please, PLEASE keep things credible. Severus Snape doesn’t just wake up one morning and suddenly notice that, hey, Harry is really nothing like his kinda assholish father, gee maybe he’s been a bit harsh all these years. I love fics with either a HP/SS pairing, father/Son thing, or friendship forming between these two, but for goodness sake, have a realistically slow build up to something… Take more then a single chapter to change entrenched world views (unless it’s a singularly LONG chapter).

Basic Hates;

1) Abandoned fics. Especially ones that aren’t labeled abandoned. At least when the author says “I have no intention of ever continuing this because you suffering brings me JOY” there’s a kind of closure…(Lanaea, Anrui Ukimi, S’Tarken WHERE ARE YOUUUUU*sobs*)

2) When a really BAD writer gets a really GOOD idea and proceeds to butcher it. I name no names.
3) People who flame a good fic just because they feel the need to be mean. Grow up weirdoes… Have you nothing better to do with your time? I’m sure there’s a little kid to steal candy from or a puppy to kick wherever you are.

4) People who go around reporting people’s fics for no real reason. Again, grow up and join the British Army. (Points to anyone who gets this line.*G*)

5) People who whine if a fic is slash and people who whine if a fic is het. Hey people, don’t like it, there’s a button labeled BACK for a reason. Use it and bother us no more.

6) People who hate fanfiction because its, quote, ‘Disrespectful to the original authors’, end quote. COME ON people. The only reason I even got into some of the things I like is because a fanfiction author I read happened to write a fic in an unfamiliar fandom. I NEVER would have picked up Doctor Who, ‘cause, lets face it, the original series was like a particularly dorky soap opera with a bad budget… And from what I hear they actually had a fairly decent budget for the times. Now the new Who and Torchwood are two of my favorites. Especially Torchwood. *Hugs Jack/Ianto* Not to mention now-a-days most shows actively try to get people to write fanfiction.

7) Character and pairing bashing. Okay people, so you hate Gwen from Torchwood, or reboot!Uhura. They are still pivotal characters in their respective cannon fandoms. Gwen isn’t a total moron ALL the time… She eventually gets over the whole high and mighty bull****… Sorta… kinda… Okay, I hate her too, and wish she’d taken the bullet/poison gas instead of, well, take your pick, Owen, Tosh, Ianto… Even still, I ‘d prefer if she tragically got hit by a bus in the first chapter then sit through multiple chapters of snidely written crap.
And about Nyota… Uhura is a really kick ass character in her own right. She is NOT a complete bitch. If you hate her for calling Kirk a hick, put yourself in her place, what would you have done if a drunk townie started hitting on you? *pauses a beat* Oh, yeah, forgot about all the fangirls/guys, you’d all jump him in a heartbeat, huh? Okay, wrong example. But still if you hate her with Spock, just have them breakup. She and Kirk obviously got along well enough for her to agree to be part of his ‘crew’ on the Kobiyashi Maru test, so stop it with all the Evil-Bitch-Hates-Kirk!Uhura fics.

Basic Squicks;

1) Graphic BDSM. I’m not really sure why this bother’s me as much as it does, but there you are… We can’t control what squicks us, it just does. And this REALLY squicks me. I don’t mind it so much when it’s not a main feature, though.

2) Overt cutting and blood play. Again, not sure why, since I usually don’t mind graphic violence, and this isn’t too far from that.

3) Partner betrayal. I see enough of this kind of crap in the real world, I don’t want to read about people/characters I actually LIKE cheating on each other.

4) Real Person Fanfiction. I REALLY don’t like this. It’s kinda hard to explain why, exactly, but (realizing I sound a little hypocritical) I think it’s really creepy and disrespectful to mess with a real person like that. I think there is a WORLD of difference between writing a reboot!Kirk/reboot!Spock fic and writing Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto fic. The characters are CHARACTERS the actors are REAL PEOPLE. Leave ’em alone.

5) 99.9% kinds of incest. Wincest is the bane of my Supernatural reading experience. Dean/Sam-Sam/Dean = Ick, eeeww, gross, no no no. CANNON incest freaks me out just as much. The Ultimate Marvel pairing of Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch makes me want to scrub my brain out with a floor brush. That all said, the one exception to this is Fred Weasley/?/George Weasley, but only when someone else is in the mix too, and usually only if they aren’t the main pairing.

Major fandoms I like and my favorite pairings in them

Harry Potter

Okay, like many people, I love Harry Potter but hate the author. ‘S why she’s not listed up in favorite authors despite the fact that she gave us Harry and Co. I have to confess, I stopped reading the books at book 5 in sheer disgust, and concentrated on the fanfiction, much of which not only makes more sense then her books, but is often better written, too… Not to mention so much cheaper to read. I do know the gist of what happens in them (go spoiler sites!) and perhaps one day I will pick up copies of books 6 and 7 at one of the local fleamarkets, but probably not any time soon.
I’m willing to try almost ANY pairing, really, and there are only a few I won’t touch with a 50ft pole.

I like;



Harry/Hermione/Ron (SO hard to find this well written)


Luna/Ron (sometimes)

Severus/Hermione (Also one of those pairings hard to find in anything but mediocre)

Harry/Fred and/or George

Harry/Any of the older Weasley brothers

Pairings I don’t like;

Harry/Cho (She annoys me SO much when she’s paired with Harry)

Dumbledore/Harry (Ick. Just ick. I had to scrub my brain the first time I stumbled upon this.)

Voldemort/Harry (As odd as it sounds, I don’t mind if the situation isn’t consensual on Harry’s part and he gets rescued or rescues himself from the situation, but consensual sex-with-Voldie is really squicky.)

Hagrid/Harry (Sooo very wrong. Even worse then with Dumbledore. I had to avoid the whole FANDOM for a while after I found this one.)

Lucius/Harry (non-con is okay, but no romance between the two.)

Any-random-deatheater/Harry (Again, non-con isn’t squicky, but no romantic stuff.)

I’m on the fence about;

Harry/Ginny (WAY too common, but I don’t mind if the plot is good)

Harry/Draco (Like Harry/Ginny, you can’t take two steps in ANY sites HP section without tripping over a dozen of these. Like Harry/Ginny, I don’t mind it if the plot is compelling. And if the characters haven’t been too OC’d to make the pairing possible.)

Ron/Hermione (Okay, nearly EVERY fic has this as a secondary pairing, so I can’t really avoid it, even if I hated it with a burning passion. Which I don’t. I personally think they work better as just friends, as Hermione is WAY smarter then him, and he’s usually denser then granite, but I don’t hate them together. I just think they’re that couple that gets married right out of high school because everyone expects them to… the perfect divorce waiting to happen.)

Harry/OFC or Harry/OMC (I’m REALLY up in the air about these. You have to concede, most OFC’s or OMC’s are either blatant self inserts, Mary-Sues, annoying as hell, and clogging the drain here on and everywhere else that hosts Harry Potter fanfiction. That said, once in a very long while, someone manages to catch my attention with a brilliantly worded summary, and I find one that isn’t too bad, sometimes one that could even be considered great. Hasn’t happened for a while though.)

Types of stories I like;


Slytherin!Harry, and the ultra rare Slytherin!Trio


Manipulative!Dumbledore and Oblivious!Dumbledore (Let me clarify. I don’t hate Dumbledore, I just think he screwed up SO very much with Harry’s situation, and you can only screw things up as badly as he did two ways really, either he was trying to manipulate Harry’s life to make him into what he wanted, or he had giant, coke bottle sized, rose colored glasses on in regards to Harry.)

Mature, nonwhiny!Harry

Didn’t grow up with the Dursley’s!Harry

Grows up to be something OTHER then an Auror!Harry

Animagus!Harry and Ron and Hermione (I like most of the takes on this, but I really like it when the animals are more original then some kind of hawk or eagle for Harry, Fox for Ron, and cat or owl for Hermione.)

Severitus (I got into this sub-subgenre of the whole ‘James wasn’t Harry’s biodad’ subgenre with the actual original Severitus fic. Some are incalculably lame, but the really, really GOOD ones make up for those.)

Time travel fics (But only the nice, well thought out, multi-chapter ones. The cracky ones can take a long walk off a short pier.)

Crossovers (with almost anything, as long as the author can make it work)

Crossover pairings (With almost anyone, as long as the people being paired haven’t been stretched too out of character to make it happen)

Intelligent!Weasley Parents (I really hate it when they’re portrayed as clueless morons. They managed to survive on the frontlines of the original war with Voldie, people. Stupid they are not.)

Scary/Badass but not Evil!Harry and/or Scary/Badass!Hermione and Scary/Badass!Ron (Occasionally Scary/Badass!Luna and Neville too.)

Star Trek Reboot

Okay, I LOVE this fandom. I went and saw the movie when it first came out, because the whole reboot thing intrigued me. I was braced for it to suck or be only so-so, as most Star Trek movie attempts end up being. A minute in I was firmly in the camp of Abrams. He gave us not only a kickass new world to play around in, but also chose THE PERFECT people to play all the roles.
Zachary Quinto was BORN to be the new Spock, no matter how many people were howling ‘Gaah, NOOOO, it’s Sylar!!!!’.
Chris Pine ROCKS as Nu!Kirk, bringing such a great new spin on the character and still keeping bits of the original role here and there, too. Yeah, so his eyes are blue. We’re FANFICTION authors/readers here, aren’t we? We could have rationalized it if he’d suddenly been a green eyed redhead.
Anton Yelchin is so freakin’ cute as baby Chekov, it’s beyond belief (Note: I saw Terminator Salvation the same day, back to back with Star Trek… It was kinda trippy to see him in one role then the other).
I love Nyota. Did you know that Zoe Saldana got to pick that name? It wasn’t scripted.
Sulu actually CAN fence this go around (TOS Sulu couldn’t).
Simon Pegg was awesome. Perfect, perfect, perfect. SANDWICHES!!!!
I was already a pretty big Karl Urban fan, what with his awesome roles in LOTR, Doom, and the Riddick Chronicles, but he had me at aviaphobia as Bones, even if he looks pretty much nothing like the original guy. Plus you’ve got to admire a kiwi that can actually pull of a decent southern accent.
Confession time. I really kinda dislike TOS. *winces and ducks* I know, I know, It’s terrible and really undermines my status as a trekkie, but I can’t sit through a full episode without alternately snickering and grimacing at the 1960’s special effects and really outdated concepts of high tech and the ‘futuristic’ fashions. I am so sorry, but it’s true. I can read the books just fine, and I don’t mind the TOS movies (I actually loved The Voyage Home, unlike, well, everyone else), but the show gives me alternating fits of hilarity and horror.
I was SO relieved when the (AOS) ships and technology looked sleek and, you know, more like extra streamlined versions of stuff we have now as opposed to the boxy retro stuff some people (TOS cannon Nazis) were hoping for.
Let me state this here and now; I’m one of those fans that pick apart and theorize things to death as if the whole thing was real. Drives my Mother crazy (She’s a scifi/syfy fan, too, but not as nuts as I am) she’s usually the only one who even pretends to listen to my little rants on ‘this’ vs. ‘that’, since I’m surrounded by rednecks. ANYWAY, if your reading this profile because I gave you a really weird, long review filled with odd questions and rambling what ifs, this is why.

Pairings I like;

Kirk/Spock (This is like an institution in slash. TOS Kirk and Spock… You didn’t even need slash goggles on to see it. It’s one of the only bits I like from TOS).

Kirk/McCoy (Okay, I really can’t see this in the original timeline, but I love it for the reboot).

Spock/Uhura (WHAAAAT???? How can she like both Kirk/Spock and Spock/Uhura???? It’s not possible! The sky is falling!... Sorry to rain on peoples parades, but yes, it is indeed possible. I don’t really care for it as the main pairing in a fic, but I don’t hate it like a lot of slashers seem to.)

Spock/Kirk/McCoy (Yep. Only in the reboot though.)

Kirk/Spock/Uhura (Also only reboot.)

Kirk/Spock/Uhura/McCoy (Yep. I really am that weird.)

Sulu/Chekov (Yeah, I know, cliché, but really cute.)

Gaila/Scotty (Also really cute. He’s gonna have to lay off the sandwiches if he wants to keep her interested though. ^_^)

Pairings I don’t like;



Uhura/Gaila (past is okay, or as an almost not even there secondary pairing, but no, not for the main one.)

Spock/Anyone but Jim, Nyota, or Kirk

Types of stories I like;

Reimagining’s of Jim’s childhood.

Tarsus IV re-dos

Spock and Jim meeting before the film

Adoption fics (There are some really good ‘Pike adopts Jim’ fics and a couple good (so far) ‘Jim get’s adopted by Amanda and Sarek’ fics.)

Academy era

Tragic/Abusive pasts (Abrams even gave us an, at the very least, fairly neglectful mother and a real jerk of a stepfather to get the ball rolling. Considering Jim’s actions in the movie, it’s not hard to imagine more going on then what we saw.)

Girl!Jim (Jaime, usually)

Genderbend fics (But only when the characters manage to stay THEM. It’s really annoying when people use this plot type to replace the existing character with an annoying Mary-sue.)

Time travel (Ya know, in addition to the bit that created the whole AU/reboot world.)

AOS meets TOS (There are not enough of these!)

Reaper!Bones (Most of these are awesomely written. Even the so-so ones are pretty cool.)

Empathic/Telepathic!Jim (There are several stories where Jim’s a ¼ Betazoid. Is that cannon? I know a lot of basic stuff about TOS and some random little stuff, but I never really watched more then a couple of eps.)

Nicely balanced team fics

Torchwood and Doctor Who

I’m gonna combine these two, to save space. I would like to begin by saying that if it wasn’t for fanfiction I never would have gotten into either of these and never would have known what treasures they are. An actual canonically omnisexual man like Jack literally cannot be found elsewhere, and he and Ianto are SO FREAKING awesome together. Plus any fandom that gives me cannon MPREG in the first five minutes of the first episode beyond rocks! Also, it’s one of the only fandoms where I actually LIKE the cannon pairings.
Doctor Who really surprised me, mainly because the original series sucked SO badly. I’ve only seen bits and pieces, an episode here, an episode there, so I won’t enter any big debates, but I will say that his companions seem to have mostly been idiots.
Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at the shows depth and excellent plot.

Pairings I like;

Jack/Ianto (*squee’s and hugs them*)







Eleven/River (BUT, not in the same fic as 11/Amy/Rory, please!)






Pairings I don’t like;




Ten/Donna (Sorry, I love Donna but I just CAN’T see this. They work best as siblings in my head. The only fic I’ve ever managed to like this in had it happen WAY down the line, after they’d both regenerated, and had Rose and Jack in the mix too.)

Types of stories I like;

Children of Earth fixes (‘Cause that was the dumbest major character death since TOS Kirk bit it in Nemesis.)

Jack and Ianto having a family

Ianto somehow gaining immortality

Not human!Ianto

Bad Wolf!Rose

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I loved Buffy before the show existed. I still have my VHS copy of the movie somewhere around here… Xander is my favorite character, mainly because he’s the one you can do the most with. He doesn’t have a pre-set thing except that he’s the vanilla human of the group.

Pairings I Like;

Xander/Crossover Character (Male or female, if you can make it work, I’m there!)


Buffy/Xander (Yeah… Ummm *blushes* I know it’s dorky, but, well…)


Willow/Oz (M’Kay, I love Willow and Tara, I think they really worked out well, but I REALLY loved Willow and Oz together.)

Willow/Oz/Tara (this would be ideal for me. ^_^)

Buffy/Spike (Yes, really)

Dawn/Crossover Character

Pairings I don’t like;

Xander/Willow (Childhood crushes not withstanding, just friends/family, please. It’s too much like incest for my tastes)

Willow/Kennedy (I keep hoping she’s just the rebound Bi-, err, girlfriend.)

Buffy/Angel (It was fine at first. I even liked it. Read a ton of it in middle and high school. Now I can’t stand it except as a past tense thing.)

Xander/Dawn (Again, too much like incest for my peace of mind.)

Giles/Dawn (I couldn’t believe this was an actual, non-crack pairing until I found some… *Brandishes a handful of religious symbols* BACK DEMONIC CREATURES!!!! BACK FROM WHENCE THEE CAME!!!!!!)

Pairings I’m ambivalent about;

Xander/Anya (I liked them together alright, but I think they really aren’t the best match.)

Buffy/Giles (I used to LOVE this pairing, but all the good sites went belly up, taking all my favorite fics with them, and none of the ones I’ve seen since have been anything but mediocre.)

Xander/Faith (This is another of those done to death pairings, but I’ll read it if the plot draws me in.)

Anyone/OFC or OMC (original characters are almost always on the iffy side… But with the sudden cannon influx of slayers and new watchers, there are some decent ones out there.)

Types of Stories I like;

Halloween fics, also known as YAHF

Hyena empowerment (I also like it when the author replaces the hyena with something else, or has others besides Xander get possessed, too.)


Not fully human!Xander

Back from Africa and now totally kickass!Xander

The Dresden Files

The books are unbelievably awesome, and I HATE that I have to wait until Ghost Story is out in paperback before I can get a hold of it (my household is currently on the budget from hell). The one season of the television series was less awesome, but still cool in it’s own right. It was a shame it didn’t last longer. I did buy DVD first season, but I guess my meager little $29.95 didn’t matter in the long run.

Pairings I like;

Harry Dresden/John Marcone (In every single book these two are both in, Harry waxes poetic about the color of John’s eyes. Seriously, go back and check if you don’t believe me.)

Dresden/Kincaid (Hard to find, and even rarer well written.)

Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy (Sometimes it’s okay... I really think that ship sailed long ago canon wise, though.)


Carlos Ramrez/Molly Carpenter (*shrugs* What? It’s cute.)

Pairings I Don’t like;

Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith (*carefully worded to avoid spoilers* See squicks section for why. Though considering Thomas’s family I doubt HE would have a problem with it, I think Harry doesn’t need the extra helping of effed up-ness this would bring on.)

Harry Dresen/Carlos Ramirez (I’ve read one or two I thought were okay, but over all I’m not a fan.)

BBC Sherlock

I got tuned in to this show because it got mentioned on some of the DW centric LJ Comms I’m a member of. I was intrigued and went to see if it was on my favorite Free TV site, which it was. It was only a three ep mini-series, so I cheerfully dived in. Now I’m hooked. I can’t wait for the new season!

Pairings I Like;

Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Frankly, this pairing is difficult to NOT see.)

Mycroft/Lestrade (*shrugs* It works.)

Pairings I don’t like;

Sherlock/Anyone other than John (I’ve tried. I just can’t see it outside of the occasional threesome fic.)

John/Sarah (outside of the rare threesome fic, I think she’s far too normal for him.)





Type of stories I like;

Supernatural AU’s (werewolf fics, vampire fics, etc.)

HDM (His Dark Materials) AU’s

White Collar

I LOVE this show. I had my doubts going in, since con-artist shows are pretty much a dime a dozen right now, and I wasn’t sure I could take another one. But I was surprised by how much I liked Neal. And his practically open flirting with Peter (and El) makes for great TV.

Pairings I like;

Peter/Neal/El (It’s virtually impossible to separate these three in my mind. You can’t really just have Peter/Neal or Neal/El, and while Peter/El is a fantastic pairing canon wise, something’s missing from each equation.)

Diana/Christine (I love non het canon pairings that actually work out. And while I’m not really into femslash as an everyday thing, I like it occasionally.)

Neal/Clinton (I’ve read a couple good ones. Too bad there aren’t more out there.)

Pairings I don’t like;

Neal/Kate (past tense is FINE. But I really don’t like her much as a character… I don’t hate her, I just think he’s better off without her.)

Neal/Mozzie (I see Mozzie as more of a slightly insane uncle or other relative figure. I just can’t see them TOGETHER in a romantic sense.)

Neal/Sarah (I just don’t see this working in the long run. They both have too many secrets, plus there’s always going to be a great big Raphael shaped elephant in the room with them.)

Type of stories I like;

Neal isn’t who he seems fics (actually a FBI agent fics, CIA, that sort of thing… The CIA angle goes really well with a Chuck crossover)

Chuck crossovers (Matt Bomer playing Neal and Bryce is just too cool to pass up, and I don’t even watch Chuck. I like fics where Neal is Bryce, but I love it when they’re twins even more.)

Neal Whump (*sighs* Its just, he’s so easy to do mean stuff to. And Peter is so good at going all ‘Rawrrr, MINE!!!’… Any type of whump is good, but I hate too much OOCness. Give me IN CHARACTER whump and I will love you forever.)


I started Grimm on a whim (ooo, look it, I rhyme!*G*) because most of my other fav’s were on hiatus, and it was there, and sounded kinda neat. It is now consuming my brain. I can’t get enough. Nick is awesome, and Monroe the vegetarian werewolf (Blutbad) is so fantastically snarky I just want to hug him. I usually like to wait until I know a show is coming back for at least a 2nd season before allowing myself to get hooked, but this one had be by the second episode. I was so relieved when I found out it was picked up for season two, you have no idea.

Pairings I like;

Nick/Monroe (They snipe and snark at each other like a married couple. How can you NOT see it?)

Nick/Renard (Despite my reservations about ‘Sean’, I do like to read these…. I just think that all of these fics are going to be rendered EXTREME AU’s pretty soon, as we learn more about who and what Renard is.)

Nick/Renard/Monroe (If you can’t choose between them, choose both!!!)

Nick/Juliette/Monroe (This is the only way I can take Nick staying with Juliette. I’m not her biggest fan, but as long as Monroe is in the mix, I don’t mind.)

Nick/Monroe/Rosalee (Let me be the first, or one of the first, to jump on this band wagon. She’s only been around for one episode so far, but I like her.)

Hank/Wu (It makes me laugh.)

Pairings I don’t like;

Adaland/Anyone (I really hate this bitch. I kinda hope she gets eaten by something ASAP.)

Nick/Juliette ( Okay, it’s not that I hate her or anything, but I think she’s hasn’t really thought about being a cop’s wife enough. Even if he wasn’t a Grimm, Nick has an exceedingly dangerous job, and she just doesn’t seem prepared for that to me. She redeemed herself in my eyes a bit by asking to learn to shoot, but I’m still not all that fond of her. I think she and Nick would work out better as friends.)

Type of stories I like;

Right now, I’ll read pretty much anything since there really isn’t more than about 500 Grimm fics out there right now. I might become a bit more discerning when there’s more, but for now, anything goes as long as it doesn’t contain any of my squicks.

TBC when I have more time…
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